Alphabet practicing- Handwriting workbook (Write and wipe)Alphabet practicing- Handwriting workbook (Write and wipe)

Alphabet practicing- Handwriting workbook (Write and wipe)

Objectives of the curriculum

This curriculum aims at:

Providing the student with a book for writing Arabic letters in a manner that is attractive for children.

Description of the Book

This book is an educational book for training students to teach them writing of Arabic letters in Naskh. It consists of 28 worksheets. In each sheet, the student will practice one letter of the 28 Arabic letters.

Targeted Age: 3-6 years.

Environment: It targets various environments and particularly useful to teach Muslim foreigners (non-Arabic speaking)

General Description of the Students: They should be interested in learning the Arabic language.

The content of the Book:

The book consists of 28 pages; each page has one of the Arabic letters and has three lines. In each line the letter should be written three times. In the first line, the letter is written and ready as a reference for the child. In the second line, the child is taught the way or the track to draw the letter correctly. On the third line, the letter should be written independently and with no tracks.

 Academic Committee: Dr. Tareq Fityani

Artistic Appearance of the Book:

Simplicity, clarity, and order have been considered when this book was designed.

Educational Environment: This book can be used anywhere, at home, in the school, mosque, or any educational institution.

Method of use: The teacher starts by teaching the child to write each letter separately by drawing the letter on the tracks. Then he/she makes sure that the child is writing the letter correctly along with pronouncing it while writing.

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