Volunteering in lugati

Lugati project presents all its works free of charge to all Muslim children and invites you to help and share the reward of this work by volunteering for those who wish to provide their services and experiences, and contribute to work for the sake of Allah and to present benefit and advantage to Muslim children.

Types of volunteering work in Lugati

Contribution to the preparation of the content of Lugati, including:

  • Raising innovative and creative ideas
  • Collection of information
  • Authoring and writing
  • Formulation of scientific and literary texts.

Contribution to revising the content of Lugati, including:

  • Working on scientific, psychological, educational or linguistic scrutiny of the content.
  • To provide specialized advice in scientific, psychological, educational or linguistic aspects.
  • Providing feedback by using the content of Lugati and providing feedback and advice after use.

Contribution to directing and content producing in Lugati by working on:

  • Artistic Aspects:
    • Drawing and design
    • Editing and technical direction
  • Technical aspects:
    • Programming applications and games to transform the curriculum developed from books and worksheets to applications and games on the phone and educational web for children.
    • Artificial intelligence programming to develop intelligent applications to teach Arabic and Islam to children.

Contribution to introducing and marketing Lugati and spreading of benefit its advantage.

Contribution to translation works

Contribution to communication tasks

How to join?

You can join the volunteering family of Lugati by completing the volunteer form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

What do I reap from volunteering in Lugati?

Lugati project undertakes to provide moral support to all active volunteers, to preserve their scientific and intellectual rights, and provide certificates of appreciation and thanks from the project administration.