About Us

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The Lugati project is a non-profit project that aims to promote Islamic values and provide educational tools to non-Arab Muslims all over the world as well as Arabs, created by Japan Peace Charity which is Islamic charitable organization. The project produces educational aids and publishes them through the internet free of charge to reach all children in the world.

Lugati is an Arabic word that means “my language”. This is because Arabic is the language of all Muslims all over the world in addition to Arabs.

  • To spread the language of Islam among Muslim children, especially non-Arabs
  • To spread the message of Islam through learning its language.
  • To unify Muslims in the world by standardizing the used language.And to facilitate the communication
  • between Muslims with different nationality by providing Arabic as a medium of communication.
  • To enhance the relations between expatriates in non-Arab countries and their families in Arab countries.
  • This is achieved by providing the kids with the Arabic language.
  • To facilitate the transfer of advanced scientific knowledge to Arab countries.
  • To grow the love of Arabic among Muslims.
  • To spread awareness of the importance of Arabic language to understand Qur’an.
  • To overcome any difficulty in learning Arabic.
For who is this project:
  • Muslim kids living in non-Arab countries, including expatriate kids in particular.Lugati
  • Expatriates who wish to teach Arabic to their kids.
  • People interested in Arabic in general.
  • Islamic schools around the world
  • All the Masjids around the world that has education activities.

Thank you for your kind visit and your interest in supporting this work. You can participate in improving this project by one of the following ways:

  • Spreading the project: By all the possible means that you have, to make the project reach every person in need of it, and to allow as many people as possible take advantage of it.
  • Join the team: You can join the team and participate in designing, planning, auditing, or preparation of the work.
  • Financial donation: You can donate to support this project to cover its costs.
  • Advice: By offering your advice how we can improve the project.