Guide of Memorizing Qur’an Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into a number of levels:

Level 1: Memorizing half of Juz’ Amma.

Level 2: Memorizing entire Juz’ Amma.

Level 3: Memorizing Juz’ Amma and Juz’ Tabarak.

Level 4: Memorizing the last five Juz’s of the Holy Quran.

And so on ….

Each level contains three tables:

  • The first table: is for the new memorization

each Sura is divided into several parts to facilitate the process of memorization.

For example, as for Surat Al-Nas, the first two verses are memorized, then the first four verses, then five verses until they are completed, and all the six verses are memorized.

At the end of each Sura, there is a test, the test date and mark are listed for three criteria, the Tajweed the pronunciation, and the general mistakes.

  • The second table: is for reviewing new memorization

This table is for reviewing recent memorization in order to confirm it.

Where the reviewing date and the number of errors (R) are listed.

  • The third table: is for reviewing old memorization

In this table, more than one Sura are reviewed together, e.g. Al-Nas, Al-Falak, and Al-Ikhlas.

Basic information of this curriculum

Curriculum name

Memorizing Qur’an

Curriculum goals To facilitate the management of memorizing the Holy Qur’an through the establishment of a memorization system that includes review and confirmation in addition to memorization, in a scientific and easy to apply method.
Curriculum description This curriculum divides the process of memorizing the Qur’an into eight levels.

And for each level there is:

  • Memorizing part
  • Confirming new memorization part
  • Reviewing old memorization part
  • At the end of each level, there is a test to move from one level to another.

The first level starts with memorizing half of Juz’ Amma, and the second completes the other half. So The amount of memorization in the second level is one Juz’, then the third level is Juz’ Tabarak with the revision of Juz’ Amma so the whole amount becomes two Juz’s. At the end of the fourth level, the last five Juz’s are memorized, and the fifth level is the last ten Juz’s. Twenty Juz’s are completed in the sixth level, 30 Juz’s are in the seventh level, and in the eighth level, the student would have finished memorizing the Holy Quran completely with confirmation.

Each level is a two-sided card, the first side is for the new memorization and confirmation, and the second is for the old one.

For who is this Curriculum?
  • For kids: this Curriculum is used by the person responsible for following up the memorization
  • For adults: by themselves
  • It can be used to follow up the memorization within the Quranic circles in the mosques.
  • In the houses.
  • In Islamic schools.
General description of the most important features of students


Students who want to study this curriculum must have the desire, motivation, and patience to get the ability to complete the memorization of the Holy Quran. It needs constant stimulation and explanation of the great benefits and reward beyond completing the memorization of the Holy Qur’an.
Curriculum content
Scientific references
  • Holy Quran
  • The memorization systems in Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia were reviewed. The curriculum was created and developed by discussing the havis teachers of the Holy Qur’an
Scientific Committee
  • Prepared by: Dr. Tarek Fetiani
  • Reviewed by: Rami Junaid
  • Sheikh Hafez Noyed
  • Hafez Eng. Mazin Aljarrah
Designers   Abdullah Alkhanji
Content description The curriculum divides the process of memorizing the entire Qur’an into 8 levels.

Each level has a two-sided card that contains  three processes:

1-New memorizing

2-Confirming new memorizing

3-Reviewing the old memorizing.

At the end of each level, there is a test to move the student to the next level.

Accompanied by an explanatory booklet explaining the method of use, end-of-level test modules, and certificates of level completion.

Notes This curriculum is only for managing the memorization operation. Understanding Qur’an must be taken into consideration and not focus on memorizing without understanding. As well as not to force the child to memorize without a knowledge and understanding the importance of what he is memorizing the matter that makes the child hate Qur’an. The love of the words of God has the priority on Qur’an memorization.
Technical format
Features taken into account in this curriculum – The names of the Suras were written and tables were set up to facilitate writing by the teacher. There is no need to write any words.

– Each level has its own color to facilitate identification.

– The tables are designed to make each learner’s progress easier to be seen and understood.

Method of using the curriculum
Teaching environment The right place to teach this curriculum is the mosque, but it can be used at home as well, or in Islamic schools.
 How to use Memorizing the Quran is a process that needs to be followed up and tracked, especially for children. Therefore, the memorizing process should be managed by a teacher or mentor, so that the student will be given the incentive to follow up and periodically check the memorization and review.

The curriculum is used sequentially according to the levels from the first to the last.

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