Juz' Amma memorizing treeJuz' Amma memorizing tree

Juz’ Amma memorizing tree

The tree of memorization for a Juz’ (part) helps the child to connect the Suras of Juz’ Amma and it is for test and evaluation. First, the child colors each apple (ie, each Sura) after mastering it and writing the date of the test.

The tree is divided into seven sections. Ie, the test would be of several stages.

The first stage from Surat Al-Nas to Surat Al-Asr, and then the child colors the branch, ie, the end of the first part of the Juz’. and writs the date of the test.

The second stage from  Surat Al – Takathur to Surat Al – Dhuha, and then colors the branch and writes the date of the test.

The third stage is the first stage + the second one, from Surat Al-Nas to Surat Al-Dhuha and colors the common branch, then writs the date of the test.

The fourth stage from Surat Al-Lail to Surat Amutaffifin

The fifth stage from Surat Al-Infitar to Surat Al-Naba’

The sixth stage is the fourth stage + the fifth one. From Surat Al-Lail till Surat Al-Naba’.

The seventh stage is all the Suras of the Juz’ with writing test date and finish coloring the whole tree.

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