Raising Children in the West

Raising Children in the West

The balance of assimilation into a new society between overuse and neglect

Lately, there have been many questions about how to raise children in Western societies, and because the discussion can be lengthy, we will have multiple highlights on this topic ..

No isolation, no assimilation

But in the beginning and before talking about the children, let’s look for the origin and the way parents think and their approach. I found that they are often divided into two parts: a section dominated by caution so they fear and keep their children away from the society and isolate them and resort to home education, permanent suspicion and fear, and this may lead their children to several problems, including psychological alienation and isolation, or a coup against everything that was instilled, and this is the result of unfortunately a lot of orders and intimidation.
And another section that was separated from their identity, language, and even collude to speak in his language with his children, so we see many of their children have not even learned their language as well as reading and writing, and some refused to give their children Arabic names in anticipation of any future circumstance. For the sake of obtaining acceptance they abandoned principles and values.

Partial merger

Of course, after seeing and clarifying these examples. We will think that balance is the solution and between that section of people and the other, there must be limits in the middle that are the right thing and the best solution is the partial merger. We give and instill goodness in the countries we live in as they give us and more, But when it comes to our values, we stand for it and this is our right.

Double effort is necessary

Inevitably, we may need in our upbringing here to make a double effort comparing to education in our country. But the positive thing about the matter is that the children are fully aware that they do not belong to the same religion as their companions and each of them has his own teachings and traditions. This matter differs when the friend is of the same religion but does not commit with some of the religion teachings. upbringing is of course not an easy thing, wherever it is.

The role of parents, friends and educational centers

But speaking of education in the West is by filling the heart and soul with values, and it is the task of parents, good companions, and educational and religious centers, these three things that are very important, because if we do not fill the internal vacuum with good, it will start searching for another thing to fill it .. The issue requires an effort to search for attractive contents and ideas, permanent dialogues and friendship that we build with them since childhood teaches them that our religion includes those who believe and do righteous deeds, two things that must not be separated from one anothe.

A true religion, not customs and traditions

It is also necessary to differentiate between customs, traditions and religion. It is very difficult to carry all the legacies of all impurities and force the children to do so. Rather, education is by purifying all this and returning to the true religion only.
To be continued.

By: Radhwa Alnather
Translation by: Alanoud.A.Aldokhi

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